Oh Hey Friday…My Crazy Life

The first week of school (for me) is over and I must say it went  pretty smooth.
Not to much crying me or the kids so that's good, and a few parents have welcomed us with sweet gestures like starbucks cards and even a bottle of wine (ya they just became my favorite lol)

besides school starting for me this week has been a bit slow so I decided to share just a few random happenings in my life.

Yes this is a typical day in my life a turtle wedding.

as I have mentioned before with DQ you never know what you will find.  She caught this beautiful butterfly to show her friends.  Don't worry we did let it go afterwards.

This is THE MOST EXCITING thing EVER!! We finally booked our big vacation!!!
We have not taken a big vacation since our honeymoon 10 years ago. So we decided it was time and what's even more fun is the bestie Carrie is coming too.  Only 7 more weeks YAY.

Speaking of the bestie, here is Carrie and I at Body Pump yesterday.  We are on a roll we have kept our Thursday gym date for over a month now.  

I found this funny will stalking instagram the other day.  So funny and so true.  I have to admit I'm kinda over running long distances. Not that I ever ran a full marathon but I have done quite a few halfs. Long Beach Half is actually coming up in a month and I still haven't signed up and not sure if I will.

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  1. Cracking up at the running photo. So pinning that. SO true, too! It's awesome that you have a bodypump date...what good motivation!


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