WiW…Real Life

I'm So nothing changed this week and that's ok. 

Yes I would have liked a loss, but at least it's not a gain.  177.4  So there is six more weeks until We leave for DR. I am so excited. I'd really like to lose a few more pounds and be i the 160's by then (even if it's 169.9 I'd be ok lol) so that is what I'm shooting for. 

Yesterday was the first day of fall, but you wouldn't know it. It's still in the triple digits here..ugg really?? Pumpkin flavored stuff just doesn't  taste the same in sitting by the pool.

But even though it was hot as balls I wanted to get my workout done since I had a surprise waiting at home for me.  So I busted out a quick run.  Better than nothing right?

So that meant I was able to play with this when I got home!!  So exciting I am so not the "needs the newest phone" type person but my iPhone was the 4 and on it's last legs, and honestly it was only a few bucks more than the 5 so I went for it.  The best part was I just ordered it monday morning and was at my house my Tuesday afternoon (psh lines, and waiting nope)

Then of course real life called and I had to deal with this…

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  1. My iphone 4 is at the end of its life too. But I'm holding out. I still have far too long left on my contract. No change is better than a change in the wrong direction, so congrats!

  2. *sigh* some day I'll get to own an Iphone...... I see everyone doing these really cool things with their phone and apps and I just cant wait to do that...... I think its really cool that you got one!!

  3. Sigh...Real life sucks. STS is great though!


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