Is it Really Fall?

Wow this weekend it actually finally felt like fall was here.  So with the cooler weather I was ready to be outside and enjoy the cool crisp air yes in SoCal cool and crisp means about 67 degrees lol)

I work up bright and early and decided to let the girls (my chicken girls) explore the full backyard while I cleaned up the garden.  I'm a bit sad my pumpkins never really did anything except get aphids so I ripped them out, and in the process I found this guy.  DQ loved it and watched it for ever.
poor noodle look how haggard she is, can you tell she is at the bottom of the pecking order.

Then DQ had a birthday party to go to, complete with rock climbing wall and
 a trampoline thingy <---(the technical term lol).  Then we finished up by babysitting.  I have to give myself some major props here because the party was catered with a full on BBQ spread and I made awesome choices.  I had a salad topped with the BBQ chicken and some beef brisket.  I passed on the mac n' cheese and baked beans (but yes I had one cupcake).  
And while babysitting they always get us pizza (and it's good pizza) and I also totally passed on it this time around. Hubby was happy about that since they always make me take the leftovers home and hubby LOVES that pizza!

Sunday was another awesomely cool day so TaTa and i met up with Barb to hike our 5 mile loop.

It was a gorgeous morning.

and it was a great burn.  

Afterward Barb left to go to a baseball game and TaTa and I went to the village to have bagels and coffee and, of course hit up the farmers market.

The rest of the day was spent meal prepping and cleaning the house which I actually love to do when I can open the windows and blast the music. I am much more an autumn cleaning person than a spring cleaning one.


  1. A wonderful weekend all around!!! Hope some of that pleasant weather finds us soon!

  2. where do you hike? I know we are both SoCA, but I don't remember how close. :)

  3. Beautiful sunrise picture!

  4. gotta love the fall weather! looks like you had a lovely weekend :) also, who is noodle, and why is he (she?) at the bottom of the pecking order?


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