WiW…I'm Melting

Holy crap, it's been a week so sorry, the only excuse I have is that my brain has literally  melted!!
It is so freakin' hot here... summer decided it was not quite done with  yet and unleashed it's self on us here in Southern Cali.

So I'm going to try and recap my weekend and do a weigh-in with out making this a novel the best I can!!  This weekend was great (and did I mention HOT) but it didn't stop me from helping to celebrate my friend Nelle's big 40. We celebrated at Stg. Peppers Dueling Piano Bar in Long Beach.

I clean up pretty good :)

Then the hubs and I had to move our ass and get the chicken coop ready for move in.  The girls are getting ready to bust out of their indoor accommodations pretty quick.  It came along super nice and I must say I have a pretty awesome hubby to put up with all my crazy ideas and help me with them on top of it all.

I love my "fix-it" man.

Now on to WiW….
I am down 1 pound from the last wiw (two weeks ago) 177.4

I have been working hard even though last week was crazy and this week is even more so.  I am going out with the "crew" to see Katy Perry tonight after work, then tomorrow I have Back-to-School night for my school. and finally the Survivor Mud run on Saturday.

Here is some of the hard work I've been doing...

Now that TaTa lives closer we are able to hit the gym together.  Yesterday she asked me to go, I had nothing planned so I just followed her lead.  She has been doing a lot of heavy lifting and I am proud to say I was able to keep up!! (must be the Body Pump).  

I also got this book this weekend end after hearing an interview with Kellie on the Half Size me podcast.  I am super excited  and have already read through most of it.  I love that it has a ton of pictures and explains what each exercise is for/targets.    It's def going to be a grab addition. 

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  1. Great loss! I just want to say it's FREEZING here! Send some of that warmth to Canada please!

  2. Awesome loss this week but man oh man I feel you on the heat! Its like they left the heater on or something!

  3. That book looks awesome and so does your chicken coop!

  4. Good job on the loss and at the gym!!

  5. Eeek! Way too hot! Great job on the loss and I love your lipstick!
    xo Krissy @ Sneakers and Sequins

  6. So jelous of the chickens. I really want some but I just don't want ot be responsible for keeping another thing alive. :)


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