Living on a Prayer!!

OMG I survived the weekend and I'm actually feeling pretty amazing (except for some super tight quad muscles, but I guess that's what you get when you dance all night to Bon Jovi then run a Half Marathon a day later haha.  So I don't overwhelm I'll tell you how the first part of the weekend went.

Friday was an early day I only worked 6:30 to 9:30 (and I made the hubs come with so i didn't have to double back and pick him up before heading to packet pick up.  So he got to see all my kiddos in action and of course they were on their best behavior, go figure.  So after that we stopped for breakfast then off to Long Beach for packet pick up. It was well organized and pretty painless.  I made the poor hubs walk around with me so I could get some shot blocks and body glide for race day.  I totally got some knarly scabs on my back from my bra on my last long run, so I wanted to make sure to lube up this time.  It was nice and bigger than the last expo I went to I even won a loaf of bread!! Haha can we say carb load.

Then it was off to L.A to see Jon and the guys.  We actually stayed at the Marriott which was so awesome it was literally across the quad form the Staples Center where they were playing.  

The view from our hotel.  It was a very nice hotel the only problem I had was we were already paying a pretty penny for the room, but then we had to pay $40 to valet park!!  Seriously and there was NO other option except the garage next door which was $50.  Talk about ripoff! 

Anyway we checked in then got ready and headed over to Yard House for dinner!

Yumm does Martinis count as carb loading??  
Then off to the show,  Bon Jovi was so awesome!!  They came out guns a blazing not even an opening act.  It was so fun and talk about an eclectic group of people.  The people watching was about as good as the show.  
We pretty much rocked out all night and I so sang and dance my heart out.  I just LOVE concerts, I used to go all the time but then kinda just stopped.  I think it was because I so unhappy about the way I looked and just left lazy in general, but now watch out I'm ready to party!! 

Part 2 of the never ending weekend....running edition next 😳!! 

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  1. Body glide? At work so can't google haha. What is that?!


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