Pumpkins and Cages

Ahh recovery... that pretty much summed up last week for me.  I kinda took a week off from everything (well almost, I did make it to the gym for my much missed Aqua class)  I did no running but a lot of walking.  Just giving my legs and mostly my knee a break, it's been feeling off for a couple of weeks.

So I really just cleared out my DVR  recouped and spent a lot of time trying to reclaim my house (ie cleaning up this sty that god forbid anyone else should try to do ugg), and get some family time.  I didn't do a weigh in post last week and it's not that I forgot well sorta but my weight goes crazy after races and boy this time I about had a heart attack.  The day after the half I was at 178 holy crap and then it dropped to 176 and just hovered there for a few days but by this weekend it was all good and back to my range of 169-167.  I also spent this last week detoxing from the bad eats that plagued me the week leading up to the half.  I totally got it in my brain "hell I can eat this I'm running freaking 13.1 miles on Sunday"  yeah not a good place to go.

This week ok I know it's only Tuesday but so what   has started off good ok maybe not that bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch after dinner tonight but Tom came for a visit and is hungry  I'm actually taking the month off from my Group training just to give me some breathing room,  time and wallet wise so Monday was a rest day, today I was up and at em' running at the gym at 3:30am.  I started doing the early morning runs for training but I really have come to enjoy it *gasp WTF* so I'm going to go ahead and keep it up for now, and that also means  I get to go to my Wed. Aqua class which I had to give up due to conflicting schedules with Group Training.  Oh how I've missed my water friends. 

Well that's all for now (and sorry this was all over the place)  but no post is complete with out some awesome pics of my crazy and wild mom weekends.

Can you tell we are related??  Getting ready for a Disney day. p.s don't mind the crappy bathroom it was the one room we decided could wait until we moved in to redo Ya that was 4 years age whomp whomp..

Really horses and castle... a girls total dream as long as she doesn't have to clean either of them

My two monkeys... why didn't I think of putting them in a cage years ago.. I kid I kid not really

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  1. You girls are so pretty! They take after their mama! :) I took a week off of running after the half last year, and I am sure I will this year. I had my 10 mile run today, and I am tired. :) My weight goes crazy during training, even when I am eating well. It can fluctuate pounds in a day!


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