No, No, No this can't be happening!!   Life is so unfair!!

Looks like I'm running my half ALONE :(  

I know can you freaking believe it this totally sucks balls!  Barbie and I were so excited Monday, making plans on what we were going to eat to "carb" load on Saturday night and discussing our water stop plan.  Then Tuesday came and in comes B limping??  WTF ...  Look like our last long run did her in she can barley walk on her foot and when she does the arch of her foot hurts like hell. So that means running is out.  I keep trying to stay positive giving her some tips on icing and reminding her to rest it but it looks like she is not going to run.  She is worried that even if it feels better by Sunday that she's gonna get half way thru and it's going to start up, or she'll make it but then do more damage to it in the long run.  I totally get it and understand I don't want her to hurt herself or anything but it sucks BIG TIME.  

I even toyed for a minute of blowing it off and not do it.  I mean if it wasn't for B I wouldn't have signed up for this one.  It's been a crazy busy few weeks and this weekend is the kicker Friday the hubs and I are going to LA to see Bon Jovi and staying a night there, then Saturday is my recup and packing up for race day spending the night at CareBears (since she lives closer to Long Beach) then race day it's insane!  

But I can't do it I can't just NOT do it... I've been training, I'm prepared and hell  I paid 100 bucks for this damn race!!  So I'll do it but it certainly has lost some of its luster.  I have always hated running or the thought of running with someone, but in B I found my soul running mate.  It's like running with myself but way better.  We are the sameish pace we both have the same style and we push each other when we need it the most!!   So I will do it but I will miss her.....


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  1. I'm sorry you have to do it alone. If it makes you feel better, I've done pretty much every race alone. I had some friends walk a 5k with me, but all the other races I've done were alone. You will be great! Just think of how awesome you'll feel once you complete it. She might feel better with ice and stretching. Every now and then I get a limp or pain and I am sure I'm injured, but I stretch, ice and rest and I'm good.


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