Ok so I totally thought I hit publish on Monday night ya not so much... But here you go anyways :)

Ugh Monday really already!! I totes coulda used one more recovery day...
I guess that's what happens when your brain thinks it's 25 but your body says HELL NO lady!! You wish.

So Friday was the  Maroon 5 concert with TaTa and my girls it was so fun we had a blast oaf course way to many beers but at least the food was healthier (Flame Broiler if you don't know what that is think healthier chicken and rice bowl).

Yup waayyy to many beers!!

Needles to say I spent most of Saturday recupping and hydrating so that I didn't die on my 10 miler on Sunday.  My knees were a bit tender from standing on the crazy hill durning the concert (lawn seats) and dancing while trying not to fall down said hill.  Saturday night Barbie got to my place about 6 so we had dinner and just chilled,talked trash, and watched trash. We went to bed pretty early as we both are old farts and wanted to get the run over with as early as possible.  damn 6am comes earlier on a weekend it seems.  So up and at em and out the door we went.  The weather was perfect even maybe a bit chilly I LOVED IT...come on fall I'm so ready.  

We did our 10 miles around the park it's about a 3 mile loop so we ran it 3 times and it went really well. We were faster than we thought and averaged a 11:49 pace for the whole run which included about 4 walk breaks the last one being a bit longer cause B had a stich in her side.  We are so excited for next Sunday it's finally race day. Hello Long Beach Half,, !  I'm feeling so good going into this one I just hope I don't jinx it lol...

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