Still Recovering

Talk about a weekend I know it already almost Wednesday but being gone for just one night and things pile up ...mainly laundry...ugh!

We'll Friday was a blast!  This old girl was actually able to hang with the youngins'.  CareBear and I got to San Deigo about 4ish and checked into the hotel.  Wow was it old (100 years to be exact) But it was very cool the elevators even had the old grate you had to pull open and close and you could see as you passed the other floors.  We called to find out the ETA of Barbie and Shell turns out they hadn't even left yet! So we decided to hit up Yard house and get a a head start at Happy Hour.

Yup that happened

And this was just the beginning! We split some apps and had a few (read 2 more Martinis) and got the call that the girls were here.  We walked back to the hotel and got ready to go.  

Gtting ready of consisted of....more drinks and She'll doing all our makeup topped off by taking (what we thought at the time) great selfies LOL!

As you can see the drinks we strong and flowing... We headed out about 10 and had a blast club hopping and literally dancing all night.  I survived with my monster heels and only wore my flip flops when we were walking from place to place... Thank Gand for big purses.  

I had to wake up early and head out to get DQ but I wasn't feeling to bad  just really tired seeing as we didn't get back to our rooms until 3am.  It was fun and I totally kept up with my under 30's.   

Can't wait for the next time!!!


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