Well to start off I'm still car-less and it sucks balls...Ugg I hate this!!!  And to top it off it has been a crazy busy week aren't they all but thankfully I have an awesome mom and a pretty good kid that have taken pity on me  are taking turns letting me use their cars. 

But it has been crazy 4 photo shoots this week, a late meeting at work, and of course the Electric Run.
Shoots went well we were able to squeeze it all in between bouts of rain, meeting same ol' same ol'.

Now to the Electric Run, I was very excited about this 5k it looked so awesome. So a few friends and I decided to do it together.  We were a little worried about the rain (ya know rain + electricity = bad combo lol) but as it neared the word was out rain or moon the race was on. 

So we all met at Erin's house to carpool from there, seeing as how they were charging $10 for parking, really the race was already pretty very pricey $50 so ya we were not happy about that.  We actually found parking just across the street at a park for FREE total score!  It was a little chaotic and there were no clear signs to the start line, and it was dark like really dark oh and WET.  Luckily it had stopped raining earlier but it was super, like gigantic puddles everywhere wet. We finally found our way in to the corral and proceeded to wait and wait and wait.... The race was suppose to start at 7pm but things didn't get going until closer to 7:20 finally we were off and to say the least I was underwhelmed yes there were lights and music but it really wasn't as awesome as it looked online, and to top it off it wasn't even a full 5k it was only 2.70 mile!!

Oh well I just have to look at it as a fun "healthy" thing to do with friends as opposed to just going out drinking and eating (though we did have dinner and one drink after) so I'll take it. But I probably won't be doing that particular run again.

Here is some of the foolishness...God I love these girls!

Barbie, Erin, & Kyss  I love these girls sooo much

At the starting line

My running mentor Erin and I

and we're done... I made matching shirts for everyone
the charity was Movember, hence the mustache :)

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  1. I love the shirts! Looks like ya'll had a lot of fun despite the conditons!


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